Posted: 21 Jun '16

Heads Up: Avoiding Common Accidents

Safety Training in Edmonton & Devon from MI Safety
80% of all workplace accidents are caused by the people performing the action that led to the incident. Another startling statistic is that unsafe behaviours cause four times as many accidents and injuries than unsafe working conditions. For these reasons, safety training in Edmonton is not something to be skipped or taken lightly, it is a necessary component to preventing yourself from serious injury or even death.

Working in Edmonton and surrounding areas can be dangerous if proper precautions are not exercised every day, during every task. If you do not apply your safety training to the work you perform and an accident occurs, you are putting your own and other people's lives at risk. Too often, people look to blame the workplace, working conditions or other things rather than taking responsibility for their safety. The following are actions taken daily in the workplace that can lead to serious accidents. How many have you done?

Cutting Corners

With so much emphasis on production and output, cutting corners to get more work done in less time is all too common. If you shave five minutes off the time it takes to get something done by sacrificing a safety measure and an accident happens, a lot more than time may be lost.

Poor Clean-Up Practices

Not picking up after yourself opens the doors to a multitude of potential hazards, not to mention time wasted. Put things back where they belong after use so they don't cause falls and so you can find them quickly when needed again. Clean up spills or debris as you go to keep your space free from obstacles.

Not Fully Prepared

Starting a job without all of the instructions needed or not enough understanding can lead to drastic consequences. Be sure you know what is expected and keep in mind that when it comes to your safety, the only stupid questions are the ones you didn't ask.


While confidence on the job is a great trait, being overconfident or cocky leads to mistakes or risks that can harm yourself and others. Never have the mindset that nothing bad will happen to you because when you do, chances are higher that an accident will happen.

Lack of Focus

Whether it's worry over personal situations or your buddy grabbing your attention to talk about making plans for after work, dividing your attention from your work is asking for trouble. Think of how many accidents happen where someone says, "I only looked away for a minute!"

No Pre-Planning

The best safety training in Edmonton can't help you if you fail to plan ahead for ways to perform your job safely and effectively. Take a bit of time to assess potential hazards and how you will deal with them.

At MI Safety, we pride ourselves on providing the best safety training courses in Edmonton to ensure that you and your employees have the knowledge needed to perform jobs safely. Contact us today to schedule a training class for your employees today.

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