Posted: 20 Oct '15

First-Aid Training in Real Life Situations – Save a Life

There are so many situations where people can fall ill or become injured. From everyday activities and high-risk adventures to work scenarios, anyone could become the victim of an emergency. Falls, crashes, heart-attacks, and vicious animal attacks can all put people in peril. But with quick thinking and knowledge gained through first aid training, anyone can greatly increase the chances of a person's survival, including their own.

True Story of an Edmonton Man

Stories of seemingly miraculous survival can most often be connected to the intervention of a Good Samaritan or a person's own understanding of basic first-aid procedures. At a recent event, we heard an Edmonton man tell his own incredible story. What began as an afternoon jog with his son quickly turned into a harrowing tale of survival. Cardiac arrest, which differs from a heart attack, comes on suddenly and is fatal within moments. There is a 5% survival rate for someone suffering from cardiac arrest. As this man jogged, he suddenly dropped to the trail – his heart no longer beating.

Fortunately for him there were not just one, but three people on the trail that day who were trained in CPR. Each of them, in turn, performed CPR on the man for more than 20 minutes before medics arrived. Each of the three Samaritans told a story of how they really weren't supposed to be in the park that day, but fate somehow placed them there. Whatever the reason they wound up in the park, their quick action and first aid training in CPR saved a man's life.

CPR & First Aid Safety Training

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is just one of the many things that can be learned in a first-aid training course from MI Safety in Edmonton. You may find yourself in a situation where someone has been badly cut, injured in a car crash, or has fallen from a scaffolding at work. How would you respond? Whether you're an ordinary citizen, like the folks in the survival story above, or an employee at a hazardous work-site, first-aid should be part of your arsenal.

In a matter of a couple of days, it's possible to learn the basics. First-aid training courses can provide the skills you need to assist a co-worker or a loved one, including:

  • Responding to head and spine injuries
  • What to do in breathing and cardiac emergencies
  • Caring for soft tissue injuries
  • Handling bone injuries
  • First and second degree burn treatment
  • How to administer CPR
  • Poison ingestion, inhalation, or absorption response

Knowing how to remain calm, work around barriers, and to provide the appropriate response to an injured person can mean the difference between life and death. If the injury may not be life threatening, quick and knowledgeable response can prevent further injury, alleviate pain, and help keep the person stable until medical help arrives.

Be the Solution

Wouldn't you like to be part of the solution to workplace and everyday- accident injuries? Shouldn't your employees know how to respond in the event of trauma? Providing first-aid training for your Edmonton area business means a safer workplace, a higher survival rate, and the peace of mind that you can help save someone.

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