Posted: 26 Oct '16

How First Aid Courses Benefit You

If you work in Edmonton then you are likely aware of the emphasis on safety training and first aid courses, largely due to the oil and gas industry. What you may not realize is that first aid courses benefit you far beyond your workplace and may just save the life of someone you care about. Here are some ways you can benefit from courses in first aid and CPR outside of your work environment.

Make Your Home Safer

When taking first aid courses for your job in Edmonton, you may not think of the benefits your course might have at home. If a serious health condition or an accident occurs, many people panic because they aren't sure how to handle the situation and because they know that person so well. First aid courses prepare you for such incidents and when you have the knowledge required, you are likely to act and handle the emergency quickly and calmly.

Another way first aid courses can benefit your Edmonton home life is prevention. While you can't prevent health issues like heart attacks or a stroke, having the knowledge a first aid course gives you can make your home safer overall. Roughly 90% of accidental injuries homes can be prevented if you are safety aware and take necessary precautions. It's worth mentioning as well that even children can benefit from first aid courses. Raising them in a culture of safety will help protect them and could very well save your life if you happen to have an accident or serious health situation occur.

Looking Beyond the Home and Workplace

We've covered how first aid training benefits you in the workplace and at home, but it also proves useful outside your home too. Natural disasters such as fires, flooding, tornadoes and blackouts that might occur are situations where having the ability to administer first aid isn't only helpful, but can make a huge difference as well. First aid courses have also become in handy during extracurricular activities. Whether your children are into sports, you're into outdoor activities or simply going for a walk and something happens, you're always prepared if you've taken any first aid courses.

At MI Safety, we provide first aid courses in Edmonton that are only two days long and cover all aspects of first aid and CPR. For such a small investment of your time, when you compare what you save if a loved one's life in danger, it's a very small investment. Contact us today to learn more about our first aid courses and gain valuable knowledge that could possibly save someone's life.

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