Posted: 12 Apr '17

Fall Protection Training: Increasing Awareness to Promote Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Fall Protection Training

A company’s greatest asset is their workers. As an employer, you want to do all you can to protect them. The best way to achieve this is to give employees the means to protect themselves. Working at heights can be dangerous, but most of these dangers can be mitigated or avoided altogether. MI Safety is there to help you make your employees safe.

Why do you need Fall Protection training?

Working in the oil sands presents many dangers, and these dangers are amplified when working at great heights. To ensure utmost safety, adequate knowledge of fall arrest equipment and the dangers associated with the job is critical. It is for this reason that an Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) approved fall protection course is mandated for all those working at such great heights. The designers of MI Safety’s OSSA Fall Protection training courses helped work on the legislation specifically made to protect workers, giving them unique expertise to provide the best quality course.

This eight-hour course certifies you for 3 years and provides you the theory and practical training you need to stay safe. An appropriate mix of theoretical and practical training is proven to increase awareness and muscle memory in time of potential danger. Keep in mind that this course covers fall arrest, proper harness technique and how to deal with height hazards, meaning it is satisfactory for many industries outside of oil and gas such as mining and telecommunication.

What will Fall Protection Training teach you?

Students in this course can expect to learn that importance of fall safety and the dangers associated with working at high heights. Next, the three types of fall arrest anchors are covered: temporary, permanent, and engineered and when it is appropriate to use them. Students will also learn how to use the various equipment associated will fall protection including harnesses, energy absorbers, and safety nets. Furthermore, students will learn how to properly care for and maintain this equipment.

This course will prepare you for any number of jobs where working at heights poses a danger. Although designed specifically for laws associated with working in the Alberta oil sands, the course has become a standard for fall protection training across Canada.

Fall protection training is government mandated but holds many personal benefits. These include a reduction in injury and/or death and increased confidence leading to increased productivity. MI Safety’s OSSA Fall Protection training course is the best option to keep you or your employees safe and comply with provincial and federal standards. To protect yourself or your employees visit MI Safety today to book your fall protection training today.

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