Posted: 31 Oct '13

Fall Protection Equipment Brands

MI Safety Inc sells fall protection equipment and systems. We are able to provide you with the system such as a vertical life line VLL, (DBI Sala/Capital Safety Group Lad-Saf System and Railok, or MSA systems, such as the Dyna-Glide and Sure-line vertical life lines vll), Horizontal life lines HLL such as the Evolution Horizontal Life Line, and the MSA systems such as the Gravity Sure-Rail, Dyna-line, and Dyna-Glide systems. We also sell many different types of anchor points. We can custom build D-rings attachments almost any application, we have built stainless steel systems for toxic environments, and place d rings in concrete, wood, and steel. We have also build a variety of Davit arm solutions.

In addition to the permanent fall protection systems that we sell, we can also provide you will the connecting components and soft goods. We are able to sell the Capital safety products such as self retracting life lines srl, lanyards, anchor straps, and harnesses, some of the popular brands include Exofit Nex, Exofit XP, Delta and protecta harnesses, lanyards include the shockwave 2, EZ-stop, wrapbax 2, and force 2 lanyards, SRL include the Sealed Blok, Ultra-lok, Talon, Nano Lock, and Nano Lock Edge.

MSA softgoods products we sell include, Harnesses such as the Workman, Arcsafe, Thermatec, Technacurve, Gravity and Evotech full body harnesses. The lanyards we sell are, Workman Personal Fall Limiters PFL, Sure-Stop Energy Absorbing Lanyards, Thermatek Energy Absorbing Lanyards, the FP Diamond and Arcsafe Energy Absorbing Lanyards. We also highly recommend the FP5K Tie-back Lanyard, it is a great solution for 100% tie off. We also supply confined space entry kits such as the Lynx Tripod and Hoist, and the Workman Tripod and Hoist. Additionally the rescue utility system is a great solution for rope rescue.

MI Safety Inc. provides consulting services for which fall protection equipment would work best for your situation. Contact us by email at, or call us at 780 987 3465 and we can discuss you specific fall protection situation. Beyond the equipment we can provide you with the training on the equipment that would be best suited for the situation.

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