Posted: 12 Jul '16

Don't Gamble With Your Life: Using Fall Protection

Fall Protection Training in Edmonton from MI Safety Training in Edmonton & Devon
If you work at heights in Edmonton, fall protection training is an excellent investment in your life. Not only will you learn about the safety equipment and practices that are best for your protection, you will learn why this training is critical. You will also understand why inspecting your equipment before donning it for work is not a step that should be missed.

Failure to Inspect Fall Protection Equipment Results in Accident

Skipping the few minutes it takes to properly inspect your fall protection equipment may be the last mistake you make. Not long ago, a construction worker in Oregon fell from a height of 150 feet. He did not survive his fall. After inspecting his fall arrest equipment, burn holes in the straps and an improperly functioning self-retracting lanyard were found, meaning his equipment was faulty. Given those results, were the extra few minutes not spent checking the equipment worth the cost?

Authorities were unsure if the man had taken fall protection training, but even workers in Edmonton who have passed their certification sometimes skip inspecting their equipment. Considering the heavy weight those systems absorb when arresting a fall, donning the equipment without inspecting it first is tempting fate. Here are a few things that you need to check before relying on your safety gear:

  • Check all belts and harnesses for fraying, breakage, burn marks or other visible deterioration. Make sure the material is flexible, not caked with dirt or contaminants and the stitching is sound.
  • Inspect all D-rings and connection points to ensure there are no deformities or weaknesses. Check rivets and grommets for deformity or detachment from the harness.
  • Check the full length of your lanyard for wear, cuts, burns or deterioration. Be sure it is flexible and free from contaminants or dirt. Work the locking mechanism to ensure it operates properly and doesn't bind. 
  • View the hooks, eyes and any other fasteners to be sure they are intact and not pulled loose. 
  • If any of the equipment is questionable, do not use it. Have it replaced immediately.

The Training You Need

It may seem obvious that inspecting your equipment is a critical part of your day, but fatalities due to faulty equipment happen too often. At MI Safety, we offer fall protection training in Edmonton to help you learn how to keep safe when working at heights so you do not become the next example of an accident that happens when you don't properly use your fall protection. Contact us today to schedule a training session.

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