Posted: 14 Feb '17

CPR Courses Benefit Your Employees and You Should Enroll Them Sooner Than Later

CPR Courses in Edmonton from MI Safety
First aid and CPR is required by law for a set number of employees according to the size and structure of your company in Edmonton. While this is a step in the right direction, having the minimum number of qualified personnel is not as beneficial as having all of your employees trained. The following are some benefits you may not have realized and they will help you make the right decision to enroll your employees in Edmonton CPR courses sooner than later.

A CPR Course Could Save Your Life

Statistics have shown that 80% of all cardiac arrests occur in the home, but those figures do not include people like you who are responsible for running or owning a business. Since the chances are very good that in your position, you spend more time at work than you do at home, should you face cardiac arrest it will likely occur at work. For every minute a person is in cardiac arrest without proper CPR being administered, their chance of survival decreases by 10%. How many minutes will it take someone to find one of the people who did take CPR courses to help you if that happens? The second thing to think about is CPR is take vigorous effort to be effective. Can one person maintain the brisk and continual compression required while you await emergency response?

Trained Employees Help Your Business’ Reputation

Your employees will carry their CPR course benefits everywhere they go and if it happens they save a member of the public, when they are asked how they were able to handle the situation, your company will get a value-added PR boost. Most employees will say they took their CPR courses through the Edmonton company they work for and in turn, the media representative asks them the name of the business. It never hurts to have your business name attached to saving a life! The same can be said for visitors to your workplace who may experience cardiac arrest- if your employees are trained and helpful rather than in a panic, word spreads pretty fast about how great your business is and how your employees acted competently in a traumatic situation.

There are two big reasons why you should enroll your Edmonton employees in CPR courses sooner rather than later. Contact us at MI Safety today to schedule a CPR course for your employees or to learn more about our safety training courses.

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