Posted: 10 May '16

Expect the Unexpected: The Day When Confined Space Training Saves Your Life

Confined Space Safety Training in Edmonton & Devon from MI Safety
People often grumble over mandatory safety training for their employment conditions, but the fact is accidents can happen anywhere and usually occur when they are least expected. As one man from Truro, Nova Scotia can attest, safety training can save your life, even when not at work. You can learn from this man's experience that confined space training in Edmonton is a useful skill set for daily life occurrences as well as working conditions.

A Simple Walk Turns Potentially Deadly

The gentleman in question had been out to check a favourite fishing spot to see if the salmon were running yet. As daylight faded, he started back to his vehicle along a footpath. Before he realized any danger, he had fallen into a slimy, maggot-filled hole and sunk under water. Turns out he had fallen into an abandoned septic tank that had been covered with vegetation.

After a few tense moments, the man thought back to the confined space training he had to take as a condition of his employment. Realizing he had the skill set required to survive his ordeal, he was able to calm himself down and work his way out of the septic tank. Despite a badly-bruised body and a fractured arm, the man lived to tell his tale and attributes his safety training for saving his life.

What You Get From Confined Space Training

As you can see from the story above, safety training can save your life even when you are not on the job. Many occupations in Edmonton require confined space training to give you your best chance of remaining safe under these working conditions. Whether you are at work or doing things on your own time, you will learn valuable skills that can be applied to any confined space, including:

  • Rescue equipment
  • Rescue training and emergency response planning
  • Evacuation and rescue from confined spaces

While there are many other aspects to the training that apply to employment situations, the rescue skills can provide you with the confidence to calmly assess a potentially fatal situation and work through a means of escape, just as it did for the man from Truro.

Confined space training in Edmonton may be a mandatory component to your employment, but the skills you learn stay with you no matter where you are. You just don't know when the training will become a vital component to saving your own life, or the life of someone you care about. Contact us at MI Safety to learn more.

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