Posted: 19 Mar '17

Complementary Training: How Online & Hands-On Courses Promote Safety

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Exemplary safety training is the best way to reduce workplace incidents. This benefits the worker and employer by reducing the number of days lost in injury For maximum benefit, a comprehensive approach is recommended – combining the indispensable experience of a hands-on course with the accessible knowledge imparted through an online course. For a two-pronged approach to workplace safety training in Edmonton, consider the expertise of MI Safety.

Engaging Safety Courses Create Experienced Employees

MI Safety offers a variety of hands-on training courses to increase your workplace safety in the oil and gas environment through our OSSA approved courses. Class courses are the most engaging way to teach technical skills. For example, the OSSA Fall Protection Classroom Training Course will demonstrate how to use various harness types and give you the experience to inspect a workplace and its safety equipment on site. Some material cannot be learned by reading. While fire codes require fire extinguishers to be easily accessible for all employees, most employees are not able to correctly operate one. MI Safety’s Fire Extinguisher Training Course allows real world experience and requires that those who take the course put out a live fire.

Online Safety Courses Allow Self-Pacing

For some certificate programs, hands-on courses are unnecessary and can even be detrimental to adequate education. Teaching a class in person requires that everybody learn at the same speed, leaving some students behind when the material becomes math or memorization based. For example, MI Safety’s H2S Awareness Training requires students to learn important the consequences of various levels of H2S in the workplace and ways to mitigate them. Online courses allow the students to learn at their own pace and focus on the areas they find more challenging. Online courses also are an efficient and less expensive way to learn. Students do not need to attend classes and can complete the modules one at a time at their own pace.

For over 15 years, MI Safety has provided safety training in Edmonton for the oil and gas and petroleum industries. We believe that a combination of hands-on teaching and online courses work in concert to cover all facets of safety and provide the best experience possible. Contact us today!

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