Posted: 16 Aug '16

When It Comes to Safety Common Sense Isn't Enough

Safety Training in Edmonton and Devon from MI Safety
We’ve all had different experiences growing up and those experiences help shape us and give us a foundation of wisdom to draw from as we encounter situations throughout adulthood. However, there are so many experiences people can have in life that we cannot reasonably assume that everyone has had the background that allows them to “figure it out” in certain circumstances.

Thankfully, we are also able to learn as adults and build onto our skills and knowledge. At MI Safety, we have a variety of affordable courses that can help you get the safety training in Edmonton that you need to get that job you’ve been searching for or if you’re a company, it allows you to train all of your employees in the same manner so you can be assured of consistent, quality work.

Safety Training Courses for What You Want to Do

If you are interested in work in remote areas, you may want to consider Wilderness and Bear Awareness or Four Wheel Drive Fundamentals safety training. As a supervisor you may be brand new to the Human Services side of your role, which is why we provide the following online safety training courses:

  • Substance Abuse Awareness for Supervisors
  • Team Building for Supervisors
  • Workplace Bullying & Violence: Training for Supervisors

If you are considering working in the construction industry, we have training for:

  • Electrocution Awareness for Construction
  • Excavation, Trenching and Shoring Safety
  • Forklift Workshop for Construction
  • Hand and Power Tools for Construction

There are many roles and positions that require driving as a skill, but at the same time, driving also presents a lot of hazards. We have the following driving safety training courses:

  • An 8 course Master Driver series
  • Professional Driver Improvement Course
  • Safe Backing Procedures and Blind Spots

All of these courses are just a sampling of the courses we offer online that will teach new skills, reinforce existing skills, increase your employability or fulfill employee training requirements for employers. Contact us today at MI Safety to discover what safety training courses we have that can help you or your employees be safe while on the job.

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