Posted: 26 Jul '16

Common Confined Space Monitoring Mistakes

Confined Space Training in Edmonton from MI Safety Training Edmonton & Devon
Due to difficult entries and exits combined with the harmful substances and processes that occur when working in confined spaces, mistakes can cost lives. Confined space training is mandatory for most confined space jobs in Edmonton and with good reason- there is no time to learn on the job. Here are some common confined space monitoring mistakes that can have deadly consequences.

Unaware of Alberta OH&S Code

The code defines confined spaces and provides you with important standards and recommendations for the hazards that may be faced on the job. Having a working knowledge of the OH&S prepares you for what you should and shouldn't face in confined space environments.

Relying on Instinct

Too many people believe they can rely on instinct or their senses to detect trouble. Deadly gases are often colourless and odourless. Hydrogen sulphide, one of the more common toxic gases found in confined spaces, deadens your sense of smell. Confined space training in Edmonton teaches you how to detect potential exposures with specialized meters.

Blowing Off Training

Training not only prepares you for possible exposures or incidents, it also builds an awareness in you about the potential dangers. People who disregard training as an important component of their work lack the confidence required to deal with a situation when it arises and mistakes are made.

Uneducated About Toxic Gas Types

The most commonly used gas monitor configuration reads levels for four types of gases that may be present in confined spaces. People who do not undergo confined space training in Edmonton erroneously think there are only hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide to be wary of.

Don't Forget Your Training

These are only the most common mistakes that are made when working in confined spaces without adequate training. As you can see, each one involves the employee assuming they're knowledgeable about their work environment when they only have limited bits and pieces.

With the confined space training we offer at MI Safety, you will learn how to monitor the atmosphere and develop an exit strategy. Don't leave your life to chance. Get your confined space training certification so you are prepared for the challenges of working in Edmonton.  Contact us today to schedule your training session.

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