Posted: 22 Sep '16

The 3 Big Benefits of First Aid Courses

First Aid Courses in Edmonton from MI Safety Training Courses
Have you considered the benefits of requiring first aid training in your workplace? There are many safety courses that are required by the government, including a designated number of employees qualified in first aid and CPR but there is a strong case for making sure all employees become fully trained. We're going to let you in on the 3 big benefits of first aid courses for Edmonton workers.

The ROI is Huge for First Aid Training

Many businesses only require first aid courses for the minimum number of employees to meet regulations. The truth is that most jobs in Edmonton, including those that may not seem obvious, are prone to workplace accidents and injuries. If you only have a handful of employees trained and an incident does occur, there is time lost while a qualified person is found and comes to the aid of the injured worker. If all employees were trained, the injured person would know how to take care of themselves and in a case where help is needed, the closest employee at the time could administer first aid. 

Safe Workers Are Happy Workers

Workers who feel that their employers care about their safety have higher morale than others who do not. This translates to improved production and an overall better atmosphere in the workplace. When attitudes are more positive, it breeds an air of positivity which leads to a better relationship with your employees, less sick days taken and more care overall in how jobs are performed.

The Neglected Practical Benefits

Along with value-added financial benefits come practical benefits to having your employees trained in first aid and CPR, which tend to be often overlooked by businesses.

The practical benefits are:

  • The number of accidents at work decreases because your employees are more safety conscious.
  • First aid courses and CPR save lives. If a serious accident or illness does happen, the chances for survival are greatly increased when immediate action is taken.
  • Workers are more confident when an incident occurs and confusion and fear are reduced significantly.
  • Your employees will know what is available in first aid kits, how to use the supplies and how to react to a wide variety of occurrences. 

Considering all of the benefits first aid training courses offer to workers in Edmonton, it only makes sense that investing in safety training will prove to be a win-win situation for everyone and serve your workplace in the short term and long run. At MI Safety, we offer first aid training courses that cover the basics and more advanced concepts of first aid so that workers get the training and knowledge they need. Contact us today and take the first step towards making a safer workplace for everyone.

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