Posted: 21 Dec '14

Looking to Become a Well-Rounded & Knowledgeable Firefighter? Start by Enrolling in MI Safety’s Hands-On Fire Safety Training Courses

Edmonton’s MI Safety knows that saving the lives of individuals from deadly fires begins with properly trained firefighters. Unfortunately, many firefighting courses in Alberta are offered in classroom-based settings and focus primarily on theory with no regard for the hands-on element of training. This is why, in 2003, Robin Postnikoff created MI Safety to provide a more experiential learning environment for all types of courses. These courses include fire fighting and fire extinguishing safety training. Edmonton residents interested in taking the fire fighting and extinguishing course have the option of taking the course in two different formats if they have a preferred way of learning.

firefighter training course edmonton devonThe first option is the online course for individual classroom learners who are looking to refresh their skills and knowledge of the proper fire extinguishing procedure. The second option is an innovative class room based fire extinguishing course that is designed to teach theory as well as hands-on learning.

From topics such as fire explosions to fire extinguishing agents and burn treatments, students who take either options can expect to complete their training well versed on anything they could expect to encounter in a real life situation.

To learn more about MI Safety’s course on fire extinguishing safety training, Edmonton residents can call 780 987 3465. The online course is available through the MI Safety website and the classroom course is offered on the second Tuesday of every month.

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