Posted: 31 Mar '18

3 Things You Need to Know About OSSA Confined Space Safety and Training

The Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Act states clearly that it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the health and safety of the workers engaged in work of that employer.

With that in mind, the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) requires employers to help their workers identify and classify confined spaces and restricted areas. For their safety, workers required to enter confined or restricted areas must also be trained in recognition of the risks associated with these spaces and should understand the methods of controlling the associated hazards.

The OSSA confined space safety and training program is one of the many courses designed to help employers achieve these goals. The following are three things you need to know about the program:

What is OSSA Confined Space Safety and Training?

The OSSA confined space safety and training program is an OSSA-approved course designed for workers who are, will be, or may be required to work in or around confined spaces.

OSSA has a very stringent process for evaluating and auditing the companies they accredit. Therefore, all member companies need to prioritize the OSSA confined space safety and training program, even if you do not work on an OSSA member site.

Course objectives

The main objective of the OSSA confined space safety and training program is to provide participants with an introduction to the hazards associated with entering and working in confined spaces. The other objective is to ensure that students demonstrate a basic understanding of the methods of controlling associated risks. In the spirit of looking out for each other, participants should also demonstrate proficiency in keeping track of other workers in confined spaces.

Additionally, the OSSA confined space safety and training program also covers the duties of a designated Confined Space Monitor as defined by OSSA standards. The training is designed to ensure that this Monitor is able to communicate with those in the confined space, respond to emergencies, and understand the duties and responsibilities of a Monitor. Those who successfully complete the program will be certified to work as Confined Space Monitors for Levels 1, 2, and 3 confined spaces.

Course coverage/topics

The OSSA confined space safety and training program primarily covers the following topics:

  • Definition of confined spaces
  • Regulations and responsibilities for confined space entry
  • Classification of confined spaces and restricted areas
  • Confined space hazards, especially atmospheric hazards
  • Qualification and training of workers
  • Hazard control
  • Emergency response mechanisms

Enroll for The Training Today

Are you planning to send your workers in a confined space or restricted area? If so, then under the OH&S Act and OSSA regulations, you have a responsibility to provide those workers with safety training. Contact us today to schedule an OSSA confined space safety and training session.

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