Posted: 31 Jul '18

3 Reasons Why Your Workers Need the H2S Alive Training Course

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), as you might already know, is an extremely dangerous gas. In Edmonton and area, workers are usually exposed to the gas when drilling wells or working in mines or tunnels. Those working in sewers, and sewerage treatment plants are also at high risk of being exposed.

For these reasons, the federal government with support from concerned organizations has always demanded that workers be provided with H2S Alive training. An H2S Alive training course is beneficial in three main ways:

Teaches Workers the Dangers of H2S

While most workers coming into the construction and manufacturing industries are already aware that hydrogen sulfide is toxic, a number still don’t know the extent of damage the gas can cause. Even at low concentrations, H2S can cause severe skin and eye irritation, potentially leading to loss of eyesight. Prolonged exposure often leads to loss of memory, respiratory issues, and even death. It doesn’t end there. H2S is also corrosive, highly-flammable, and explosive. In gas and oil production, particularly, H2S can form iron sulfide which is capable of self-ignition when exposed to air, potentially resulting in a deadly explosion. An H2S Alive training course Edmonton helps workers fully appreciate the massive risks posed by H2S.

Sometimes H2S Doesn’t Produce a Smell

Most of the time, workers depend on the rotten egg smell to detect the presence of hydrogen sulfide to the extent that if the smell disappears, a few would be misled to think that the gas is no longer present. This is a highly dangerous assumption because the smell is usually only perceivable at low H2S concentrations (typically between 1 and 20ppm). At concentrations higher than 100ppm, the gas severely interferes with the nose, throat, and lungs, often making it impossible to perceive the smell anymore. The H2S Alive training course Edmonton equips workers with the knowledge necessary to verify the presence of hydrogen sulfide in their work environment, even in the absence of the rotten egg smell.

The H2S Alive training course Equips Learners with First Aid Skills

The H2S Alive training course Edmonton was designed to help workers better deal with the consequences of H2S exposure. Workers get to learn how to prevent contact, how to safely work in H2S environments, equipment necessary for H2S protection, and First Aid treatment procedures if the worker or a co-worker comes in contact with the dangerous gas. These skills have helped save lives before and can also help employers avoid costly liability claims.

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