Safety Harness Inspections

Harness & Lanyard Annual Inspection
Lanyard & Safety Harness Inspection

What is an Annual Safety Inspection for harnesses, lanyards and anchor straps?

Fall Protection equipment such as harnesses, lanyards and anchor straps, are required to have an annual formal documented inspection. The inspection is completed by a competent person other then the end user. Records of the inspection must be kept. Typically it costs about nine dollars to inspect, label and electronically document the harness inspection and about six dollars for a lanyard, or anchor strap.

Why is an annual inspection important?

The annual formal inspection is important, because it is a comprehensive look at fall protection equipment, by a technician who is able to spot problems with fall arrest equipment that is typically missed in the user pre-use inspection.

What are the different options for annual inspection?

We are able to come to your site, to inspect large amounts of equipment, or do the work on our site. We attach an inspection tag, and provide you with formal records, in the format needed. We can suppy the records on paper, excel file or for a cloud based database. The inspection tags, can be colour coded to indicate which year the inspection if for, and we can put your company name, a bar code, or unique number of the tag.