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Horizontal Life Lines
Horizontal Life Lines

What is a Horizontal Life Line?

Horizontal life lines are cables or rails that are designed as an anchor point for fall protection and fall arrest, when there are no other options to connect to that are shoulder height or higher. MI Safety Rescue & Safety Training Rescue & Safety Training is certified by MSA and Capital Safety Group to install HLL. We can come to your worksite, and perform an assessment to determine the best option for your scenario.

We have installed horizontal life lines in temporary and permanent situations. The longest line we installed is 600 feet, with 20 intermediate anchor points.

Why is a HLL important?

The advantage to a horizontal life line safety equipment, is that it allows workers to move horizontally along crane ways, mods, roofs, and piperacks.

MI Safety Rescue & Safety Training can come to your work site, and perform a needs analysis, and based on that, custom create a design for your needs. Sometimes, an off the shelf solution is sufficient. We can recommend a stanchion available through MSA or Capital Safety.

Our services go beyond selling you the equipment, we are also able to provide training, annual recertification and repairs for the system. We are certified in the annual inspection of Horizontal Life lines or HLL.

What are the different types of HLL Safety Equipment?

The typical Permanent Horizontal life line system we install is the Capital Safety Group Evolution Horizontal Life line system. For temporary situations, we will sell the MSA Sure line HLL or the Capital Safety Securaspan or the Sayfline.



Past Projects

Northern Alberta Work Camp Operator. MI Safety installed these anchors in 2012 and have inspected and maintained these anchors over the last 7 years. The system is an Energy Absorbing Horizontal Lifeline system designed to be attached to a wood frame structure. Approximately 500 anchors and 250 horizontal life lines exist on this 3500 man camp. In the annual inspection we inspect all points, replace weather components and document any deficiencies for repair.

This apartment building had several types of roof styles, including flat roofs and sloped wood frame roofs. MI Safety was contracted to design, engineer and install several types of anchors for the roofs and different types of roof work. We installed horizontal lifelines and a mobile friction roof anchor.