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Fall protection violations have been an issue for the better part of the last decade, which is why every employer should be working tirelessly to enhance their fall rescue and safety training. In the unfortunate event that you must make a rescue, having the right combination of knowledge, skills, and manpower will help you to successfully conduct the rescue. We recommend the following steps to help you prepare. See More >

Confined space rescue remains a hot topic in the construction industry. How do you ensure that those trapped in a confined space are safely rescued? How do you make sure that the rescue is done as efficiently as possible? What about the safety of those performing the rescue? These are some of the challenges you'll be faced with when planning for confined space rescue. See More >

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The Importance of Annual Safety Harness Inspections

MI Safety - Friday, June 15, 2018

Quite often, workers who wear a safety harness complain about discomfort, with some even reporting that it interferes with the work they are doing. However, the harness, alongside other fall protection equipment, is a must-have when working at great heights. See More >

The construction industry is full of hazards everywhere. From simple cuts, to falls from heights, it only takes one misstep to end up with an emergency. These situations, if not addressed immediately and with a reasonable level of skill, can lead to permanent disabilities or even loss of life. It is important that your jobsite have the proper emergency protocols put in place, as well as have trained employees on site. See More >

There are several ways that a person can fall and injure themselves at the workplace. Using fall protection equipment is essential to preventing serious, life-threatening injuries. Here are a few of the most frequently cited violations of fall protection See More >

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