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The Advantages of Online Safety Courses

MI Safety - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Whether your work involves the oscillating rigs of the oil sands or the frantic hustle of a construction site, more employers are looking to cut costs due to injury by investing in quality safety training. In many cases, onsite safety training is impossible due to logistical reasons. As a result, online safety training courses have seen a steady rise in popularity. If you're in the process of choosing a safety training company with online options, consider MI Safety. See More >

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The Importance of Hands-on Training

MI Safety - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Safety Training Edmonton

There’s an inescapable truth that all employers need to face: workplace accidents and the injuries that result hurt a company’s bottom line. If you’re reading this, the chances are good you’re considering Safety Training Edmonton. Only MI Safety offers an innovative alternative to the traditional classroom approach that ensures that your investment in safety training courses is worthwhile.  See More >

You never know when an emergency might happen in the workplace. Regardless of the nature of your job, a life-threatening situation can occur. For many jobs, First Aid and CPR Training is a mandatory requirement. Above this, it provides you with a critical set of skills to employ in the face of medical emergencies. MI Safety offers a comprehensive two-day course that covers all the necessary skills to provide high-quality first aid in any setting. See More >

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Oil and gas rig work is often seen as one of the most dangerous professions that one can do, with close to 100 fatalities in the last ten years in Alberta alone. It is no wonder, with the combination of heavy machinery, heights, and cranes swinging large objects overhead. The risks for rig employees, however, can be minimized by taking a proactive approach and educating them in best practices for safe workplace operations. Safety courses in Edmonton offer education specifically designed for protecting workers from hazardous falls and accidents while enhancing workforce effectiveness. It is crucial for those in the oil and gas industry to ensure that their employees are engaged in Enform Fall Protection for Rig Work in order to keep them safe and benefit the business. See More >

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The best way to deal with occupational risks is to take a proactive approach and invest in your most important asset: your employees. Education is critical to the prevention of costly incidents, making MI safety courses, provided here in Edmonton, an ethical and savvy investment. Most importantly, it keeps your employees safe, but it also is a smart business move in reducing operational downtime, lowering insurance premiums, and cutting litigation costs.  See More >

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