An Unconventional Style of Safety Training Teaching

MI Safety’s alternative to the traditional classroom approach feature two unique benefits.

Firstly, each working instructors and technicians are cross trained in safety courses, install fall protection training, and standby rescue. This ensures that each worker is well versed in not only theory and legislation, but can also understand the real world issues involved with working on industrial sites.

Secondly, both training locations in Devon and Edmonton are simulator based. This means that students are given the opportunity to apply the information that is taught to them. Moreover, the Devon location also features several acres of outdoor training simulators which include three training towers and several confined space simulators.

Experienced Instructors

Each one of our instructors has approximately 15 to 40 years of experience in the industrial sector. On top of that, some of the certifications our instructors have include NCSO, IRATA Rope Access Technician, Rigging for Rescue Technician, Enform H2S Alive Instructor, Enform Fall Protection Instructor, Enform Rig, and Fall Rescue Instructor.

Our Classes & Online Courses

MI Safety proudly serves all of Western Canada, including Alberta and Fort McMurray; however, 95% of our services are usually within one hour of Edmonton. Each class is competitively priced with the industry, but group pricing and special pricing for companies with accounts are also available. We also have over 100 online courses and work with companies to make online training a more practical component as required by the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.

Whether you want to learn more about fall protection, confined space, health and safety, first-aid, or h2s training, Edmonton’s MI Safety uses a unique hands-on approach to teach students how to apply their knowledge in real world situations. To learn more about the benefits of MI Safety, explore the rest of our website.