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About MI Safety Rescue & Safety Training Courses in Edmonton

MI Safety Rescue & Safety Training was founded in 2003 to provide safety training courses to the Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Construction business sectors. Since our inception, we have also become recognized for our fall protection system installations and inspections.

All of our instructors are field experienced, and are able to deliver their courses based on both knowledge and experience. They are very specialized according to their past work histories and aptitudes. Our instructors are qualified as safety officers, rescue technicians, and fall protection system installers.

Our History

We believe in providing hands on training, which is why our Devon location is a perfect setting. Our facility includes drilling rigs, service rigs, production batteries and other various industrial displays. We have three classrooms for training and an extensive list of top notch equipment and training material. In addition to the classrooms, there is a 20,000 sq ft museum ( The Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre) that simulates and highlights the oil and gas industry since the early 1940's. It is a great education tool for visitors and customers alike.

Our Edmonton facility, just off of the Yellowhead Trail and 149 St, has been in operation since February of 2014, and is a convenient location and excellent training centre.

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