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The Importance of Annual Safety Harness Inspections

MI Safety - Friday, June 15, 2018

Quite often, workers who wear a safety harness complain about discomfort, with some even reporting that it interferes with the work they are doing. However, the harness, alongside other fall protection equipment, is a must-have when working at great heights. See More >

Enform h2s Alive Training course
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a colourless and extremely poisonous gas often produced by the decaying of organic matter. H2S affects humans by overwhelming the respiratory system. H2S gas is one of the leading causes of fatalities in the petroleum industry. As a result, workers who may come into contact with the gas are required to undergo H2S safety training in the form of an Enform h2s Alive Training course. To educate workers on the dangers of hydrogen sulfide gas, MI Safety offers an Enform H2S Alive Training Course to promote safe practices and limit fatalities. See More >

First Aid Training Course
First aid training is universally regarded as an effective and potentially life-saving investment for any individual or business. While it’s encouraging to see more employers and individuals taking the time to familiarize themselves with CPR and other life-saving procedures, many are unaware of the differences between standard first aid and emergency first aid. Thankfully, MI Safety offers both Emergency and standard first aid training courses in Edmonton. See More >

Safety Courses
The best way to deal with occupational risks is to take a proactive approach and invest in your most important asset: your employees. Education is critical to the prevention of costly incidents, making MI safety courses, provided here in Edmonton, an ethical and savvy investment. Most importantly, it keeps your employees safe, but it also is a smart business move in reducing operational downtime, lowering insurance premiums, and cutting litigation costs.  See More >

Safety Training Courses
Providing proper safety training courses is an important part of an employer’s job – and when it comes to the welfare and security of your employees, you should not settle for anything less than the best. MI Safety brings years of practical experience and knowledge of safety training to the table. With a variety of online and hands-on courses catering to a range of industries, there are many reasons to choose MI Safety for all your safety training courses. See More >

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