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According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, a confined space is generally recognized as a space that has restricted means of entry or exit, is enclosed, is not designed for occupancy, and has the potential for significant injury or death. In response, MI Safety has designed a confined space entry course that details the dangers of a confined space – such as hazardous atmospheres, potential explosions, and more – and how to mitigate them. See More >

For 35 years, the Enform H2S Alive training course has spread well beyond the Canadian oil sands, and has since become mandated for all employees in the industry and has even been adopted throughout the USA. The Enform H2S Alive training course is the most comprehensive H2S gas safety training available. See More >

Enform h2s Alive Training course
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a colourless and extremely poisonous gas often produced by the decaying of organic matter. H2S affects humans by overwhelming the respiratory system. H2S gas is one of the leading causes of fatalities in the petroleum industry. As a result, workers who may come into contact with the gas are required to undergo H2S safety training in the form of an Enform h2s Alive Training course. To educate workers on the dangers of hydrogen sulfide gas, MI Safety offers an Enform H2S Alive Training Course to promote safe practices and limit fatalities. See More >

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Creating a company’s culture that reflects safety can be challenging but is well worth the effort. A company’s corporate culture refers to a set of unwritten rules and attitudes that is prevalent throughout the employees that guides behaviours. Including safety training in your company’s culture will result in employees going above and beyond to improve safety for themselves and their coworkers. Creating a corporate culture that is rooted in safety is the best way to keep your employees safe. For all your safety training in Edmonton contact MI safety. See More >

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Safety Equipment Rental & Sales in Alberta

MI Safety - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Safety Equipment Rental in Alberta from MI SafetyVertical Life Lines
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MI Safety has a number of safety equipment solutions for your permanent or temporary worksite. Safety equipment can be costly initially, which is why we developed our excellent rental program to help you with those temporary safety equipment needs. We're also an excellent resource to take care of your permanent safety equipment purchases.  See More >

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