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We often get the question, “What is OSSA confined Space Entry and Monitor Training” and “How does it vary from Confined Space Entry and Rescue training?”. See More >

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Fall Rescue for Tower Workers

MI Safety - Friday, January 31, 2014

MI Safety Inc is actively promoting our Tower Worker Fall Rescue course. This course is designed for telecommunication tower workers, ski lift workers, and oil and gas processing workers. In these types of work environments, there is typically a limited number coworkers/rescuers and work is in a remote location. The only option for rescue is for the casualty to be rescued by a coworker. See More >

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Edmonton Safety Training Location

MI Safety - Friday, January 31, 2014

MI Safety Inc is very excited to be opening a new Edmonton location located directly on the Yellowhead Freeway at the 149st intersection. This location has excellent exposure, and is extremely convenient for students needing training. Students simply pull off the Yellowhead and park onsite. We will be having a regular schedule of course at the site, including OSSA Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry and Monitor, Regional Orientation, Standard and Emergency First Aid with CPR. We will also be hosting weekend classes and evening classes. New to this facility, we will be hosting hybrid online/classroom training. You will be able to do the theory portion of a course online, then attend a 2-3 hour practical component, after work. See More >

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Online H2S Training

MI Safety - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MI Safety is pleased to be able to offer an online H2S training course. We specifically formatted this course for the western Canadian Oil Patch, and it deals with Hydrogen Sulfide detection, protection and emergency Response. This course is illustrated very well, and contains excellent video and photo examples that help the user understand the hazards of poisons gases like H2S. See More >

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Fall Protection Equipment Brands

MI Safety - Friday, November 01, 2013

MI Safety Inc sells fall protection equipment and systems. We are able to provide you with the system such as a vertical life line VLL, (DBI Sala/Capital Safety Group Lad-Saf System and Railok, or MSA systems, such as the Dyna-Glide and Sure-line vertical life lines vll), Horizontal life lines HLL such as the Evolution Horizontal Life Line, and the MSA systems such as the Gravity Sure-Rail, Dyna-line, and Dyna-Glide systems. We also sell many different types of anchor points. We can custom build D-rings attachments almost any application, we have built stainless steel systems for toxic environments, and place d rings in concrete, wood, and steel. We have also build a variety of Davit arm solutions. See More >

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