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Updated Fall Protection Course Information

MI Safety - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We are continually working to increase the quality of our safety training course materials, and the linked video from our YouTube channel show the video references we have created to enhance our PowerPoint.  This video covers various connector failure scenarios, shows a series of drop tests using a live person and a bunch of destructive drop tests using a test mannequin. See More >

Are you currently a worker or soon to be a worker who is going to be around Hydrogen Sulfide (or H2S) gases? At MI Safety, we offer all kinds of safety certification courses, including the H2S Alive for anyone who works around H2S including anyone in the oil and gas industry, anyone who is manufacturing chemicals, utility workers, farming operations, pulp and paper, and heavy water. See More >

In order to ensure fall protection, it is necessary to read and follow all of the inspection steps written out by the manufacturer of the equipment that you are going to be working with should an emergency occur. It is in this way that you will able to not only know how to properly use it, but notice if it is in bad condition or failing in some way. See More >

If a confined space is not properly locked out, it can result in dire consequences such as serious injury or death to the individuals working within it. MI Safety was established in 2003 when the founder, Robin Postnikoff, observed that many rescue and first aid certification courses lacked the right combination of textbook education and hands-on training to properly prepare students for real world situations. A dangerous confined space can be characterized by a number of elements. In general, it is either the work environment or the activities being performed within the environment that may create a potential hazard. See More >

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What is the Definition of a Full Body Safety Harness?

MI Safety - Friday, October 03, 2014

This short clip visually defines what is required in a full body harness for fall protection and fall arrest purposes. See More >

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