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Although they're separated, the content of the "Fall Rescue" & "High Angle Rescue" training courses are similar - as both focus on educating students on how to rescue a fallen worker who may be suspended. In many scenarios, emergency responders are unavailable for a quick response and the fallen individual must rely on their co-workers for rescue. MI Safety's fall rescue & high angle rescue training in Edmonton includes general rescue theory, lightweight rescue equipment training, and how to quickly and safely rescue a co-worker with minimal assistance. See More >

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, a confined space is generally recognized as a space that has restricted means of entry or exit, is enclosed, is not designed for occupancy, and has the potential for significant injury or death. In response, MI Safety has designed a confined space entry course that details the dangers of a confined space – such as hazardous atmospheres, potential explosions, and more – and how to mitigate them. See More >

Surprisingly, the difference between horizontal and vertical lifeline harnesses has little to do with how they’re fastened to the individual; rather, the designation refers to which types of falls the safety apparatus is designed to protect from. At MI Safety, we offer numerous fall rescue courses, such as our Enform Rig Work Fall Rescue and Enform Rig Fall Protection course. Both feature a classroom component and hands-on practical exercises carried out on our training towers that simulate any working environment. Fall protection from MI Safety ensures that your employees stay safe and understand the difference between horizontal and vertical lifeline harnesses. See More >

For 35 years, the Enform H2S Alive training course has spread well beyond the Canadian oil sands, and has since become mandated for all employees in the industry and has even been adopted throughout the USA. The Enform H2S Alive training course is the most comprehensive H2S gas safety training available. See More >

First Aid Training Courses

Have you ever thought about what could happen if a friend or loved one had an accident or health-related incident? Would you be able to help them? To prepare yourself for the unthinkable, enroll in MI Safety's two-day First Aid Training Course in Edmonton. See More >

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