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Safety Training Courses
Providing proper safety training courses is an important part of an employer’s job – and when it comes to the welfare and security of your employees, you should not settle for anything less than the best. MI Safety brings years of practical experience and knowledge of safety training to the table. With a variety of online and hands-on courses catering to a range of industries, there are many reasons to choose MI Safety for all your safety training courses. See More >

Safety Rail Installation
Safety rails are an integral part of any elevated work site. A durable safety rail can prevent life threatening falls by providing a strong protective barrier at the edge of high work sites, keeping your employees safe and secure while working at heights. Having safety rails installed properly is crucial to make your work site secure and ensure the safety rails are being used effectively. There are many different options of safety rails that can be installed to suit your particular work site’s needs, and MI Safety has the expertise to install them safely and reliably. See More >

You know perfectly well that dangers exist on the job site in the oil sands but safety, not ignoring them, is the way to tackle them. Proper training and education is often required by your job and ensures that the dangers of your job don’t come home with you. Confined spaces in the oil sands present the greatest danger to the hard working men and women who keep the industry going. Confined Space Training provides you with the information on working procedure and knowledge of rescue equipment you can put into practice that will protect you on the job. See More >

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What is High Angle Rescue Training?

MI Safety - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

high angle rescue training

What is Fall Rescue and High Angle Rescue Training?

Working in an elevated environment can be dangerous. Work sites that involve interaction with towers and other high structures need to take the safety precautions necessary to ensure their workers are prepared for the case of a fall. Fall rescue training, or high angle rescue training, refer to the same course for teaching how to rescue a co-worker who has fallen and is suspended at height. High angle rescue training is effective and can save lives.  See More >

Fall Protection Training

A company’s greatest asset is their workers. As an employer, you want to do all you can to protect them. The best way to achieve this is to give employees the means to protect themselves. Working at heights can be dangerous, but most of these dangers can be mitigated or avoided altogether. MI Safety is there to help you make your employees safeSee More >

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